Idaho Reptile Zoo

Idaho Reptile Zoo is a federal and state recognized 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to education through interaction.

We are home to more than 400 animals at any given time. Our rescue and education center provides permanent homes to rescues and rehabilitation animals alike. 



The Idaho Reptile Zoo is a 10,000 sq foot reptile rescue and education center open to the public 7 days a week. 

Thank you to our donors and sponsors for allowing us to be able to make our new 10,000sq ft facility possible!  We are NOW OPEN to the public 7 days a week!









Kids 17 and under


(3 yrs and under FREE)



First Responders/ Military


Our Mission and Animal Ambassadors

Our mission is to bring education to the public through interaction! Through generous donations and amazing animal
ambassadors, we can bring the hands-on to YOU.

Looking to add an animal ambassador of your own?  Check out our adoptions page for the selection of rescues we have available for forever homes.

Our Future

Idaho Reptile Zoo is growing fast!  We cannot thank the community enough for over 10 years of support. 

Our mission is to open and maintain Idaho's first Reptile Zoo and Education Center.  Our future involves large indoor and outdoor enclosures where the general public can interact with reptiles, arachnids, birds and amphibians alike. Our non-profit is run on grants and donations, and we want YOU to be a part of our journey! 

Wanna have the best birthday party EVER!?! Or the most hands on educational field trip? Have questions?