Reptile Adventures

 ***CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION*** We are currently moving into our new location and we are CLOSED for visitors at this time!  If you have a rescue in need of a home, please contact us first so we can pick up, or be there when you drop off.   STAYED TUNED FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS ON OUR OPENING DATES!  We are looking for company sponsors to sponsor our gator pond build, a new roof for our desert room, and benches and fencing for around our zoo, please feel free to contact us to inquiry! 

Every last penny will help us!  We cannot thank our community enough and the people who have already reached out, donated, volunteered to help, etc.

Idaho Reptile Zoo

Idaho Reptile Zoo is a federal and state recognized 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to education through interaction.

We are home to more than 200 animals at any given time at our rescue and education center, and provide permanent homes to rescues and rehabilitation animals alike.  We are located in Nampa, Idaho and offer educational outreach programs throughout the Treasure Valley

Beast, our blue tegu

About Our Team

Idaho Reptile Zoo relies solely on volunteers and donations to keep the animals happy and healthy

Our volunteer program allows us to participate in large community events such as Kid and Pet Expos, as well as hosting large feeding and adoption events at our facility.  We strive for hands-on educational shows that are fun for all ages

Our Mission and Animal Ambassadors

Our mission is to bring education to the public through interaction! Through generous donations and amazing animal
ambassadors, we can bring the hands-on to YOU.

Our facility is home to hundreds of rescues, adoptable animals and even some avian counterparts alike!  We work closely with the Department of Agriculture and Idaho Fish and Game to make sure that no animal in need gets looked past.  This allows us to be a permanent home to invasive as well as illegal species here in Idaho, and educate the public on these animals as well.  Our mascot, Beast the Blue tegu, our team of Burmese pythons, and Harriet, our Salmon Pink Birdeater tarantula, are all just a small part of our animal team of educators to bring everyone the knowledge on these amazing creatures, as well as the hands on approach to conquering your fears of these truly stunning animals. Who's ready to meet the entire ambassador crew?!

Looking to add an animal ambassador of your own?  Check out our adoptions page for the selection of rescues we have available for forever homes.

Looking to book us?  Have questions?

The easiest way to book a show or a birthday party is through our Facebook page booking tab!  Additional questions? Need more information? Want to know how to donate? Contact us here!   


Our Future

Idaho Reptile Zoo is growing fast!  We cannot thank the community enough for over 10 years of support. 

Our mission is to open Idaho's first Reptile Zoo and Education Center.  Our future involves a large indoor and outdoor facility where the general public can interact with reptiles, arachnids, birds and amphibians alike.  In addition to visiting our adoption center, our future store will be the go-to spot for supplies and food for exotic pets!  Our non-profit is run on grants and donations, and we want YOU to be a part of our journey!