About the Zoo

Idaho Reptile Zoo actually was started in the home of our founder, Tyler Messina's garage. Starting with 8 animals, word quickly got out about the rescue program and educational programs. From there, Tyler has been whatever necessary to ensure our collection of rescues have a place to call home. While it started in a garage we are constantly growing and now even outgrowing our 10,000 sq ft facility and looking to grow from there. 

Our Team

Our team purely consists of volunteers who willingly participate in daily chores as well as educating through our outreach programs.

Without our ever-growing volunteer team, we wouldn't be able to operate as an open facility to the public and continue outreach and education. Without them our Animal Care staff wouldn't be able to focus their time and attention on our amazing animals! If you see these guys around the zoo be sure to say hi and tell them how much you love the animals! 

"Excellent experience, very interactive. Staff was knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Definitely will have a return visit! Highlight was the turtle feeding and the petting opportunities.”


"Tyler did a wonderful job and made my sons second birthday a great experience! He was extra patient with my toddler. My son just loved getting to pet all the cool creatures! 100% worth it and I’m so glad we had this experience!"


"Great people with a wonderful mission. They rescue so many animals that are discarded and abandoned by prior owners, give them a great home and educate the public about these amazing creatures."